30 September 2010

Turn Off the TV

This is actually a blog I wrote in Google Docs while at work on Friday but never got around to posting here until now. Woo.


I already did actual work today. I even got glue on my shirt. Thing is, I’ve got two hours left and nothing much more to accomplish. This is why Fridays are so friggin’ weird. So now I’m just listening to The Nerdist Podcast with Felicia Day as a special guest. And now I’m just going to listen and type so that I look busy. It sounds like a good plan to me.

Haha, I totally just rushed my dad off the phone so I could answer the work phone. I got a book from Amazon that was in pretty poor shape. The replacement showed up today at the parentals’ and it’s in good shape. Yay. I just need to get the package together to send the old one back to Amazon. Hoorah.

Morse Code Rock Band. I might play that game. Dance Dance Industrial Revolution sounds much better though. This is why I love this podcast and listen to it every Friday while working in the back. Good times.

Did I mention last weekend’s Craft Day? We made little Scottie dogs. So cute. Granted, there were hardly any kids there and those that came were late.

Holy Hell, I still have over an hour before closing time. Stealth-typing is only good for so long and then it just gets boring.

Let’s see, there could surely be something worthwhile that I can do here. Or maybe I can just browse around looking for a cell phone. I’m eligible to upgrade in a little over a week, just after the R2D2 Droid is released. I consider this fate, but if it turns out that I can’t get any discount whatever on it then I may have to choose a lesser phone.

Alrighty then, it’s time to sign off and wander the library for half an hour to pass the time before closing. Woo.

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