26 February 2011

Why Can't Dreams Come True? Huh?

This morning I woke up from a lovely dream in which The X-Files was back on the air. It wasn't the same, exactly. It was sort of a spin-off, but it still had Mulder and Scully in it, so all good. The show had the unique effect of getting my mom interested in the original series, which I considered a surprising and major plus. (Though in real life, it's the boyfriend who I've gotten hooked on the show. Go me.) I didn't get to watch it and only heard of it after an episode or two had already aired, due in large part to the fact that I don't have cable anymore. I was all set to look it up and try to find it online or through the library only to wake up and discover it wasn't real. Dammit.

I think I'm going to go sulk in the shower now.

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