20 March 2011

Parental Advisory

My parents came for a brief visit this weekend. It's the first time they stayed with me since I moved out over two years ago. Mom stayed with me once when I was living in the Heights, but never the both of them together. It was a fun time. Daddy noted that they really should have done this sooner. Duh.

We did a little bit o' shopping and then had dinner. The service was a bit slow, but the waitress got a good tip anyhow. (This always happens when I'm in charge of the tip: I tip a regular 20% even if it's undeserved and I always overtip cabbies because I have no idea what's appropriate for them. Oh well.) We came back here after that and watched a movie. Then Mom went off to bed and Daddy and I played cards--I clobbered him. We watched another movie and headed off to bed ourselves.

In the morning we had breakfast and chatted and all that. Another game was played and Daddy lost with an even larger score than the night before. Poor Daddy.

Then they left.

I finished reading a book.

Then I got bored.

So it goes.

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