05 April 2011

All My Friends Are Dead by Avery Monsen and Jory John

This is a small little book that I carried around in my purse for about three weeks so I could show it to everyone I met (I failed by not showing it to Erin or my boyfriend, but no one ever said I had a great memory). It's slightly morbid while being very funny. I really think I need to buy it and continue to carry it in my purse, just so that I have something to accost/annoy strangers with and so that I always have something handy to bring me a smile. Sounds like a good plan, yeah?

All My Friends Are Dead is a picture book featuring the dinosaur on the cover, an old man, a tree and an end table (not friends, after all), and others who find themselves alone in this world. It's macabre, sure, but sweet and funny at the same time. I absolutely love it.

Daddy and I agree that Death ought to have been speaking in all capital letters.* He loved the book. Because of its size, he wondered if I intended to read it to the chicklets at story-time. I said that most of the jokes would go right over their heads, so no.

The next day I showed the book to my mom and even she chuckled though the humor is a bit macabre and she doesn't tend to dig that sort of thing. Jenni of course loved it and was tempted to buy a copy she in the store a few days later.

I need to buy this book. Seriously. Also, I hold it responsible for making "Dangit" so prominent in my daily vocabulary.

* Reference to Terry Pratchett's Death, who is the best Death in literature as far as I am concerned. You also have to imagine that he speaks with Christoper Lee's voice.

Doctor Who

Last night I watched the first half of the "Sensorites" episodes of Doctor Who. This is the first Doctor, William Hartnell. I mentioned this on Twitter and we got into a conversation about how there's a ton to work my way through if I continue to go in order like this. It may be years before I catch up with the current episodes. For this reason, one of my friends found the whole thing too intimidating. I suspect that if someone merely started with the new series (though this started several yeas ago, so it's no small feat either), they'd be okay in terms of understanding the canon. Love was also expressed for the Daleks and their reliably one-track mind. EXTERMINATE! Gotta love it.

Anyhooe, back to the episodes I was watching last night. Like the rest of these early episodes, the sets (aside from the TARDIS) seem to be made of cardboard. I love it. Sometimes the episodes are total crap, sometimes they're pretty good. They run the whole gamut, really. There are time when I think that the real reason I stick with it and watch these is just to hear the theme song at the beginning and end of every episode. Best theme song ever. Truth.